CLICK THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE then please give these people HOPE!

Good for those wanting a second chance. Good for you. And certainly... Good for the community!

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Transform Seminars is an IRS recognized 501c3 Nonprofit organization committed to helping any and all God-designed relationships whether marriage, family, workplace, church or those who, though incarcerated, truly want to change their lives and improve their relationships with their families on the "outside".

From 2006 to present, we have reached hundreds with our truly unique hard-hitting and blunt seminars. We don't pull punches. We get and hold the attention of our audiences. No, not all who have attended have changed... but many have... and many more will - and their change is obvious and lasting - because they have changed the way they think, act, and react! Our seminars work!

Transform Seminars... to find out more, Email Dan Ledford, Executive Director of Transform Seminars and tell us how we can help you or someone you know!